Tips for buying Repossessed Cars
February 10, 2013  |  Blog

Investing in a repossessed car can be a challenge; however for the right person such as a “bargain hunter” you can get your car. Not many people want a new vehicle; this option gives you a chance to get a better deal. However you must prepare yourself, to buy a repossessed car. It is always good to get someone who has experience in buying repossessed vehicles and if you don’t find anyone do your own research. When you are hunting for the vehicle, sometime your competitors can be aggressive depending on the environment. Here are some useful tips for car buyers.

  •  Dealership

One of the most “easiest” ways to buy repossessed cars is from the dealerships. The dealership will not give you the “auction deal” but their will give you something better. Dealership will give the option of a hassle-free environment where you are the winner for the vehicle. As the consumer you can have the vehicle “inspected” before being purchased. This puts you at an advantage because you will know what you are getting. For e.g. “Schultz Auto Broker of Wayne, Michigan, recently put a $10,500 price on 2004 Audi A8L Quattro, which was about $2000-$4000 below its book value”. H.G (2010)

  • Leaders (local banks or credit union)

Leaders  is also another way to find out about repossessed cars, there are offer in many “local banks or credit union”. Credit unions will sell a repo vehicle if it is in reasonable standards, to one of their “members” said John Kurtz of the Texas Credit Union League. One of my recent credit union banks used to sell the repossessed cars to their member and also advertise their auction to the public also. Members for credit union are also given the opportunity to bid for “several days” and of course the “highest bid” wins the repossessed car. H.G (2010)

  • Auctions

Auction is one of the most bargain hunters for people. Why? Because you get a good deal at the right time and place. And who doesn’t want a good deal. Auction is a great place to grab a repo car, however you will have many people competing for the same vehicle. Auction vehicles will have many conditions and not to mention if the vehicle doesn’t have a “title” H.G (2010).  A vehicle without a title, “may cause the buyer more problems” because you cannot prove that you own the vehicle. There is nothing more crazy than to be paying for a repossessed vehicle and can’t use it because of the title issues. So think carefully when you buy a repossessed vehicle. The internet is also another way to auction bids on a repossessed vehicle. On the internet you can use various website to find the vehicle you want and bid. With the internet you will not have the option to conduct an inspection. Repossessed car can be a great buy, when you know the advantages and disadvantages, you need to investigate your car and go for the target if it is worth it. Don’t jump into a deal without doing your homework; it can give you an upper hand for your buy. H.G (2010)

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