The Many Benefits of Using Handmade Soap
July 7, 2013  |  Blog

Have you ever be curious enough to look at the ingredients in your soap or body wash? You may be amazed by the numerous chemicals and synthetic additives in these consumer products. These chemicals serve their roles of producing lots of lather that people like and keeping their soap last longer. Typically using washing products with lots of chemicals would likely dry your skin. While some people may think that you need lots of lather to cleanse your body, the truth is less is more. Natural handmade soap is beneficial in a way that they have no chemical additives that may harm or damage the skin, yet it cleanses your skin superbly well.

Our skin is actually our body’s biggest organ. Its normal structure is very important for being the uttermost barrier for all the environmental hazards like ultraviolet light and microorganisms. To keep your skin healthy, you need to be wise about the products you use. Frequent use of soaps with harmful chemicals and damage this elegant normal skin structure and causing numerous annoying skin conditions. Many people with allergic skin are very sensitive to chemical additives and can lead to skin problems like extreme dry skins or exacerbating eczema.

If you have been having the feeling of dry skin or itchy skin after taking a shower with your old soap, you should try to use a all natural soap. Only natural soaps can clean your skin and restores the moisture of your skin at the same time. How do the natural soaps do their work? They contain natural oils such as olive oil. As you may still remember from your science class that “like dissolve like”, these natural oils can then substitute the skin harming detergents in synthetic soaps and dissolve all the oily dirt we have on our skin and give you a great clean.

Many natural handmade soaps contain shea butter. Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of African shea tree. It has been widely recognized as one of the best natural ingredient that can maintain the moisture of your skin and with some extra benefits. It has this special anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectants properties. Using organic soaps with shea butter can improve your skin condition and prevent dry skin. Frequent use can also restore the original elastic feel of your skin, so you would always have flawless skin.

Apart from the great benefits to your skin, natural soap can also help you save the planet. Synthetic soaps are literally detergents that will end up polluting clean water. These synthetic chemicals have structures resembling plastics, so you would expect that they would sit there for thousands of years and cannot be decomposed. However, using natural soaps are environmentally friendly, as all the ingredients are organic in nature, and they can all be decomposed by nature.

Try using a natural organic soap, and you can really feel the difference. You would notice what’s good for your skin. Natural soap soothes your skin while the synthetic ones do more harm than good.

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