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February 14, 2013  |  Blog

It is very tedious to try and prepare your 2013 tax returns using a primitive booklet from IRA, a stash of receipts collected over the past year, bits and pieces of your pay stubs.

Sometimes it can be more complicated if you have to do multiple fillings. Tax preparation service can be a good choice for you to save your valuable time. No one would enjoy sitting in front of your desk for the whole weekend trying to sort out all these ludicrously complex IRS forms. You could try to get the professionals to help you with this hard task. There are several advantages for hiring a professional to help you with filling in these complicated forms:

You are not familiar with the Law

While the IRS gives you a very primitive booklet and a website for questions about current law, you’ll soon find that this is a lot to take in at once. And you may not fully aware of the interpretation of the laws. What most people do when they have specific questions they can’t figure out is to go online and start seraching for information from third party sites. This is where you can easily get into trouble. First, there is an absurd amount of spam out there when it comes to taxes and the information pertaining to them. Secondly, even when you get past the spam, there is a lot of incorrect information. You may then end up mis-filing your taxes and can result in significant penalties, most of which will eclipse tax prep services in terms of money spent.

Pass the Buck

If you do your own taxes and there is an error, the IRS is going to come looking for you to fix the problem. You would be solely responsible for what’s in the filing. However, when you hire professional tax prep services like IDAHO Tax Prep, they would take the responsibility of filling it correctly and would deal with any possible problems. The IRS will directly contact them if there is a problem, thus giving you some degree of cushion when it comes to getting into trouble. Of course, a professional accountant can only work with what you give them, so if you hide income from them, they will be quick to inform the IRS that they had no idea and that cushion will of course disappear.

Planning ahead

Not only a professional can handle your filing seamlessly, they can help you plan ahead for next year. They would provide you with specific tips and strategies, they can often help people handle their money in such a way that next year’s refund is much more significant (or, alternatively, the bill is far less significant). All in all, hiring a professional service should pay more for itself and you can enjoy your time doing things you enjoy instead of dealing with these troublesome tax forms.

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