• Have a train tour in India

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    Taking train tours can be a new experience for traveling in India. The train tickets are cheap and it would allow you to visit all the famous tourist sites such as. Tourists can easily book the train tickets in advance and plan their route to visit the places they are interested. They can also choose to take a more exotic itinerary by traveling to  the National Parks where they can look at the flora, avifauna and wild animals in the natural  environment.

    The hill stations of India form a significant part of Indian geography that’s why it is said that they are God’s valuable endowment to the land of India. With this tour tourists can enjoy a cool recoil in hill stations as they are thousands feet above the sea level. They all are blessed with lovely surroundings, flourishing green environment, mountains covered with snow around them. Thus, this tour options takes the travelers close to the Mother Nature. Extensive diagonally, Indian Himalayas which are the northern part of India is home to numerous prominent and beautiful hill stations.

    Thus, a trip to India by opting for cheap train tour in India will surely give the chance to tourists of experiencing the wonderful attractions of India with full pleasure and excitement which one can never forget. Complete information of various trains regarding their arrival, departure, stoppages etc are available online so, travelers can get the knowledge through the website of India Railway. You can also check the ticket status on irctc. The third largest rail network in the world, Indian Railway has some luxury trains like Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train, palace on wheels and so forth for exclusive domestic and international tourists and vacationers. Plan your next trip to India and book yourself some cheap train tickets in advance.


    Saving advice for families

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    What are the reasons for people failing to save money? They lack a solid plan to keep saving every month. Here are a few important tips to consider when setting up a savings plan.

    The importance of regular savings

    Any person no matter how old you are, it is important to recognize the enormous power of compound interest. It is the way of getting you to accumulate wealth over time. Even if only a small amount of money was deposited each month, this regular savings plan contributions will gradually increase as time goes on and will result in huge accumulation of funds.

    Diversification of your investment

    Although saving cash is great, especially you can accumulate money gradually through the power of compound interest. Allocating your funds in different sectors such as bonds, securities and commodities can help you to spread your risks. Not every investment type is suitable for everyone. Its return rate and associated risks must be considered before investing. People should also always bear in mind their investment goals for different investment sectors and set realistic goals to achieve.

    Take advantage of the tax benefits

    There are a lot of plans and benefits, which will reduce the total amount of saver’s income tax that one need to pay. Always ask for saving plans with tax reduction. The best advice is to seek investment and savings plans which provide the maximum tax benefits. Over time, these plans may result in big savings, leading to surprisingly huge growth of your wealth.

    Long-term plans

    Whether a person begins to save in their teens or near retirement age, emphasis should be placed on a long-term perspective. It is crucial to stay disciplined and stick with the savings plan you chose. Reserve a portion of your funds for emergency use. Fully utilize all the tax benefits. The most important savings advice here is to try your very best to stay disciplined. It can be challenging for families to put in additional funds into their savings account. You just need to keep on reminding yourself that saving now and you will be rewarded in the long term. So it’s all worth the discipline and start saving now with your savings account.

    Fridge magnets help to increase sales

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    When companies and enterprises use refrigerator magnets for marketing and promotion, it is important to understand why refrigerator magnets are useful to help increase their sales and profits. Giving business cards or brochures is a common marketing tool for many companies and businesses, however, most of the time these business cards and brochures would end up into our garbage or the junk drawer. This is an inefficient way of promoting your business.

    On the other hand refrigerator magnets promoting your business can be a better choice of boosting your sales. More people would keep the refrigerator magnets they got from the post instead of just throwing it directly to the garbage bag. The essence here is people would find the magnet to be more useful compared to the business cards and brochures. Nearly all refrigerators would have some refrigerator magnets on it. People use these magnets for sticking important memos or take away leaflets. Important information about the business like promotional activities, hotline number and website could be printed on the Refrigerator Magnets – Custom. Every time your potential customer goes into the kitchen he can view your promotional message on the magnet. If you calculate the visibility of the magnet, it is very effective with minimal costs.

    A few years ago, the company must have a professional graphics company to print out the refrigerator magnets, which often require higher cost and waiting time. As they only accept orders with large quantities, this can cost you so much in the marketing campaign. Nowadays, there are a lot of printing solutions where you can choose which offer fast printing and cheap rates. The most important benefit is they allow you to print flexible quantities that can fit different sizes of businesses. The whole process is very fast and convenient. Many of these printing solutions allow you to upload your texts and graphics. They would then take care of everything and help you print and ship the refrigerator magnets. In the matter of days, your potential customers would receive the magnets in their mail.

    Once you have your fridge magnets featuring your business or company information, you may not know what to do with them. Many people pass out business card-sized magnets instead of paper business cards. Other people include a couple of larger fridge magnet with a work order or receipt, allowing current clients to keep one magnet for themselves and give the second one to a friend or family member who may need the same service. If you are printing fridge magnets for an organization, you can hand out refrigerator magnets at a booth or stand during a festival or conference relevant to your organization’s purpose. The best part of a well designed and professional looking magnet is that you can expect it to stay on your potential customers’ fridge for a very long time and you may continued to make sales from these potential customers.

    Best Sports Drinks for Your Workout

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    Doing regular sports is an important element in keeping you fit, but do you know there are several points we need to keep in our minds when doing sports? Most people know about the importance of warm ups and cool downs, but they may not be so aware of re-hydration and electrolyte needs.

    There are many sports drinks introduced in the market. Customers need to know more about the content in these drinks and choose the one that fits their needs. The ideal sports drink can quickly restore the water and electrolytes we lost through vigorous sweating. Most of the athletes chose Gatorade as their sports drinks for usual training and competition. Gatorade is the world renowned sports drink brand. It has been dedicated in perfecting the sports drinks aiming to bring it to a whole new level. With the help of Gatorade, sports stars can maintain high quality performance in vigorous competitions like basketball, football, and marathon.

     Gatorade G Series is the latest product in which they provided all the contents any athlete would need to boost their performance. It is specially formulated to allow faster rehydration and replenishment of energy. This rapid restoration of body fluids and energy can keep the athletes to keep up with their optimal performance in races and competitions.

    G Series Pro, a brand extension initially developed for professional athletes, after first being available only in professional locker rooms and specialized training facilities, is now available to all customers. Also in 2010, Gatorade introduced the G Natural Gatorade line which is made with “natural flavors and ingredients,” aiming to target the market of people craving for natural ingredients.

    While Gatorade products have historically been developed for athletes engaging in professional sporting events, a separate line of products formulated for consumption during particular timing of personal fitness exercise was introduced in the U.S. in 2011. It is called the G Series FIT, you would take the pre-workout fruit-and-nut bites, lightly flavored electrolyte replacement drinks during your workout and post-workout smoothies consisting mostly of protein.

    For ordinary people just playing sports for keeping fit can still benefit from some Gatorade coupons. These coupons can offer deals where you can save yourself a few bucks when you hit the gym or run in the field. There are many places where you could find these coupons. You can check the grocery stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and other grocery stores place has a special from time to time. These can be available in their websites too. Check out these coupons before you get yourself the sports drink for your workouts.

    Mens Skinny Jeans Can Make You Look Better

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    Have you seen so many celebrities wearing those skinny jeans and look super cool? These have come right behind womens skinny’s and they are mostly worn by the youngsters. Back in the 80s, you can imagine that not many dudes go out wearing these tight skinny jeans comfortably. Buy nowadays, with the help of celebrities like Brad Pitt wearing them, they are getting more popular.

    These jeans are mostly tight, usually with a low cut at the waist. Mostly always tapered at the bottom and tight on the ankles. For the colour, they are mostly in denim. Usually the men style is coupled with a button fliy or zipper and sport 5 pockets. There are two in the back and two in the front and one placed atop the right front, usually for style only.  To be more trendy you usually wear it with a thick trendy belt and almost a good looking t-shirt.

    Skinny jeans highlight the features that are normally concealed by the looser fitting, or even baggy, clothes that guys are typically inclined to wear. Unless, of course, they are hipster guys. However, it’s not a fact that all hipsters rock skinny jeans. It doesn’t make you any more “scene,” or more of a hipster to wear skinny jeans, really.

    It’s probably common knowledge now to say that skinny jeans are a trendy fashion, but we are they really comfortable to wear? It’s also common knowledge that skinny jeans are more comfortable for women. If you do not have huge thighs and legs, you can still get a pair of skinnys and wear it for a whole day without much problem.

    How long will the popularity of these jeans last? Only time can tell, but I can say it is going to stay with the trend for a while. For mens, they can look pretty neat, and it is quite easy to wear. Just a pair of mens skinny jeans with your t-shirt and you are quite good to hit the crowd. Learn more about mens skinny jeans.

    US calls for strong action to boost economy

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    Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve’s second-most-powerful person is calling for aggressive action to boost the U.S. economy — giving the hint that she might favor extending the Fed’s “Operation Twist” and launching a third round of so-called “quantitative easing.”

    “I believe that a highly accommodative (Fed) policy will be needed for quite some time to help the economy mend,” Janet Yellen, vice chair of the Federal Reserve board of governors, said this evening in remarks to the Boston Economic Club. “I anticipate that significant headwinds will continue to restrain the pace of the recovery.” said Yellen. She also mentioned the U.S. housing market remains quite weak, while the unemplyoment rate is still going up.

    She added that the European debt crisis will continue to threaten America’s economic recovery, while a debt-ceiling showdown expected later this year between Democrats and Republicans in Washington could make things even complicated.

    “If the Congress does not reach agreement on several important tax and budget policy issues before the end of this year, (a Congressional Budget Office study) recently warned that the potential hit to gross domestic product growth could be sufficient to push the economy into recession in 2013,” Yellen said. “The deterioration of financial conditions in Europe of late, coupled with notable declines in global equity markets, also serve as a reminder that highly destabilizing outcomes cannot be ruled out.”

    The Fed vice chair said that’s why she believes “an extended period of highly accommodative (Fed) policy is necessary to combat the persistent headwinds to recovery.”

    Without spelling out specifics, Yellen hinted that she favors extending Operation Twist beyond its currently scheduled June 30 expiration, as well as launching a third round of quantitative easing — known as “QE3.”

    “If the (Fed) judges that the recovery is proceeding at an insufficient pace, we could undertake portfolio actions, such as additional asset purchases (QE3) or a further maturity-extension program (Operation Twist),” she said.

    Under quantitative easing, the Fed buys up U.S. Treasury bonds to inject cash into the U.S. economy and drive interest rates down.

    Investors are speculating that the Fed will shortly announce the another Operation Twist or Quantitative Easing. This may been seen by the surge of Gold and Silver price over the past two days.


    U.S. Stocks Drop the Most Since 2009

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    U.S. stocks continued to drop, leading to the S & P 500 index’s biggest four-week loss since March 2009, due to fears of a global economic recession overshadowed the cheapest valuation in 2 1 / 2 years.

    Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) fell 27 percent this week, the most since the October 1987 stock market crash, after a strategic shift of confidence, undermine its managers. Technology, industrial and materials companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell at least 6.9%, of which 10 groups the most. Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) and Alcoa (AA) fell more than 8.4%, some of the world’s largest banks – Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup – lower economic growth forecasts.

    Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 4.7 percent, to 1,123.53. It has sunk 16 percent since July 22 for about three trillion U.S. dollars was erased from U.S. stock value, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 451.37 points, or 4 percent, to 10,817.65, down this week to expand its surroundings 1,863.51 points.

    “We have a little bit of tug of war,” David Joy, a Boston-based chief market strategist at Ameriprise Financial, said in a telephone interview. His company is responsible for $ 693 billion. “On the one hand, there are real concerns about what happened in Europe, the pressure on the banking system and the global economic weakness on the other hand, an opponent’s strength seems to be interested in buying a stock valuations attractive.”
    Since 2009, the cheapest

    Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 18 percent, from nearly 3-year high on concerns in Europe on April 29 the government debt crisis and global economic slowdown. August 8, promoted by the decline in the index valuation of 12.2 times reported earnings, in 2009, the lowest level since March. Its price-earnings ratio is now 12.3, compared with an average of 16.4 since 1954, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    This week’s losses include Standard & Poor’s 500 Index return of 4.5% yesterday amid speculation that Europe’s banks lack sufficient capital. Lars Frisell, chief economist at the Swedish financial regulator said it would not spend too much inter-bank lending frozen. Market also declined, the U.S. jobless claims rise, the Philadelphia-area manufacturing decline the most since 2009, want more stimulation from the Fed receded.

    Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index of companies most dependent on economic growth plummeted 10 percent this week to expand its losses, because the July 22 to 26% and dropped to the lowest level since August 26, 2010. Morgan Stanley economists forecast global economic growth this year, cut, and that the United States and Europe are “dangerously close to recession.”?

    Syrian forces kill 20 despite Assad pledge

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    (From Reuters) – Syrian forces shot dead 20 protesters on Friday despite a pledge by President Bashar al-Assad that a crackdown was over, activists said as thousands marched across Syria, spurred on by U.S. and European calls for him to step down.

    Most of the violence was in the southern province of Deraa where the uprising against Assad erupted in March, triggering a harsh response in which U.N. investigators say Syrian forces may have committed crimes against humanity.

    “Bye-bye Bashar; See you in The Hague,” chanted protesters in the central city of Homs, waving their shoes in a gesture of contempt. “We want revenge against Maher and Bashar,” shouted others, referring to the Syria leader and his powerful brother.

    “The people want the execution of the president,” shouted a crowd in northern Idlib province, reflecting deepening antipathy to the 45-year-old Assad. Some carried banners with slogans proclaiming “Signs of Victory.”

    Local activist Abdallah Aba Zaid said 18 people were killed in Deraa province, including eight in the town of Ghabaghab, five in Hirak, four in Inkhil and one in Nawa. Dozens of people were wounded, he said.

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two people were also killed in the Bab Amro district of Homs.

    Assad, from the minority Alawite sect in the mostly Sunni Muslim nation, told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this week that military and police operations had stopped. But activists say his forces are still shooting at protesters.

    “Maybe Bashar al-Assad does not regard police as security forces,” said a witness in Hama, where security forces fired machineguns late on Thursday to prevent a night-time protest.

    Iran’s Inflation Rate Hits 15.4%

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    Iran’s Inflation Rate Hits 15.4%

    Source: Mehr News Agency

    Inflation in Iran in its last calendar month of Khordad (May 22-June 21) reached 15.4 percent, ISNA news agency reported on Wednesday, quoting Subsidies Reform Organization Chief Behrouz Moradi as saying.

    “According to statistics from the Central Bank of Iran, the inflation rate in the first three months of the current Iranian calendar was 13.2%, 14.2 % and 15.4%, respectively”, Moradi added.

    He emphasized that the growth of inflation is naturally occurred every year and the recent increase in the inflation is not just the outcome of implementing the Subsidy Reform Plan.

    Some economists say prices could soar as a result of the government removing subsidies on essentials such as food and fuel, although the government has achieved somehow to combat the high inflationary pressures of removing the subsidies.

    The first phase of the Subsidy Reform Plan began in December 2010 and eliminated $20 billion of subsidies on food, gasoline, electricity and natural gas.

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