Businesses’ Appalled by Quality of CVs
September 26, 2013  |  News

Whether it is the standard of teaching or a lack of care by students, the latest business news studies show that the quality of CVs has dropped in recent years. With so many of us out of employment, businesses are really taking their time regarding who they hire because getting the right applicant for the job is crucial.

Competition is fierce and every sale counts, meaning that CVs need to be extremely strong in order to generate the right attention from businesses. They simply cannot take the risk with hiring a potentially negligent or poorly educated staff member. Most of us are of course neither of those two things, but our CVs are making us appear that way.

Your CV is your way into any job – it should be speaking for you, getting you in the door of employment and making the employer take an interest in you. However, according to a BBC survey, more than 60% of CVs have spelling and grammar errors, and the majority of CVs are template editions which are sent out to every available job – it is estimated that two thirds of CVs sent out are the same as the jobseeker sends out to every job, dampening their chances of getting the job greatly.

Although courses are available through the Job Centre and colleges to improve your CV, the constantly changing standards and the fact that there is no real quality CV template available means many people are left overwhelmed and confused about what they need to include and what they can leave out.

Some of the most common CV mistakes are

Having a CV that’s far too long – you want to be quick and precise, leaving out a lot of the extras that aren’t to do with your career history.

Obviously paid for – there are companies who will write your CV for you, providing you pay them enough money, and this is of course a very bad thing. If you use terminology in your CV that you don’t in an interview, you are toast.

Silly e-mail addresses – nobody is going to hire somebody whose e-mail address is [email protected] are they? Employers want to see common sense here, so ensure you provide them with a legitimate and professional looking e-mail address like [email protected]

Your CV is the single most powerful tool you have to land you job interviews so make sure you aren’t part of the two-thirds who just aren’t getting it right.

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